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Ajohan Lahti is a Swedish artist and author, more info on the following sites.


If you ask I will of course never admit that my cock is out on some of these other sites, but it is.



Twitter without penis @AjohanLahti


Twitter with penis @thenakedauthor - Blog, shops, AjohanTALKS. You'll go there later.


Ajohan Lahti Facebook Fanpage - Well, Facebook is Facebook.


Ajohan Lahti Tumblr - Monthly Archive: art and literature.


Ajohan illustrated Tumblr - Basically my art and my dick.


Ajohan Instagram - Everyday life, travel, landscapes and some art.


PLANSTRÖM - This is where I post my favorite Arts Buildings & Cocks.


LinkedIn - You know you want to WORK with me in one way or another.


Mainly my cock, some art and some sexy short stories - The Naked Author




L A H T I .