I am fully aware of just how cheesy the valentines day card message was. But fuck! I have already had 3 messages by people hating on me for it! Hahaha. Guess you didn’t get any cards… or ass! But to be honest, Its good to be cheesy when you love someone. Its nice to let them know you care and how much you love them. It is even more important to fuck their brains out regularly, to the point where they’re begging you to stop because you are banging on their G spot with your rock hard 9” dick. And when you love someone you can do that when ever you wish, because you’re not single. Or lonely or bitter! Screw you haters!

I love DeathAndDumb. He’s such a trooper, and I relate to his whole issues with his body, issues with his temper, issues with everything, feeling worthless sometimes, but at least having a huge cock. Such a life saver a huge cock can be! In my darkest hours I know that everything can go to hell, everything can fail, at least I have a huge cock.

So love. Not just for his huge cock. He speaks to me. I love his mind. We talked once. He’s nice.

It’s the things like this that I love: