I would not have been able to say “no thanks” to that.

But seriously: this reminds me of one time in high school. A guy accidentally brushed his ass squeezing himself past me in the library. All over my penis. As he slid down on the couch, I sat on the arm reck, he said loudly, “I think Ajohan is having a boner”. I was so embarrassed. I could just have killed my self there and then.

First of all. I did not have a boner in the library. Second of all, I wasn’t even that big back then. But most importantly I was petrified to get an erection during school, in the locker room or the showers. I was petrified of the thought of people even thinking I was anywhere near getting hard in school and especially during soccer or what ever sports.

However. A few weeks later all the guys at school had sports together, so he saw me naked afterwards. And I was way bigger than him. That was the first time I ever thought of that my cock perhaps was a bit bigger flaccid than the other’s.


I’m a huge fan of Nico Urquiza. I think what he does really is in my taste of what I want to do. Both the naked works and the drawings. Perhaps mostly the naked works. I want to feel or act this secure about my own nudity.

I’m insecure and hate my body. The one part I’m happy about is my cock.