I’m insecure about my ass. Just some weeks ago I got like my first ever comment on it, a dude said I had a nice ass. I was so amazed all I could say was “most dudes don’t even notice I have an ass”, and he said “well, the front is a bit of an eye-catcher, but I’m an ass-man”.

Ass yes, but is it art? Of course it is! I’m an ass-man too you know.


I’m known to take my cock out when I’m bored. All my friends have seen it. It’s like a party trick. Bored: flops it out: people go “Goddamn you are huge” and I feel not so bored any more. Actually, to tell you the truth, I’ve done it at work too, so a few of my colleagues have seen it as well.

It’s a combination of being bored and proud I guess.