“The guy with the biggest cock should always top.” I’ve met oh so many men that has whispered this into my ears, wanting to fuck my brains out. Masculine top dog men. All convinced that their cock is world-changing for the receiver.

Most of those men probably think that a slim femme guy like me is an easy fuck. When they zip me down and take a look I have to remind them what they said – the guy with the biggest of us two is topping the other. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no but…

But sometimes it’s very hot to see the huge cock flop about when you fuck some one. Or to grab hold of it when you fuck him from behind.


When recruited I braided my hair with white fabric and called it a snow camouflage and they called me slightly over-intelligent and I didn’t have to take part of the army shit.

Perhaps it would have been fun. But they said I had homosexual tendencies, and they were afraid that I’d be bullied, which I no doubt would have been. The other guys competed against each other on getting top scores on all physical test, but I didn’t even really try. When one of the administrators asked why I didn’t try my best, I said that physical strength was for men with small dicks. Also the interview with the psychologist didn’t go to well. He asked if there was something that I could possibly look forward to if chosen, and I said it’d be nice harvesting some military cock as a change from being at home watching science fiction with my girlfriend.


I’ve hated my body so much. It changed a bit when I years ago actually went to the gym, and the men showed me some attention: not the least for being fit or anything, but they seemed to take a liking to me for my cock. I’m skinny, and not that big, so even a ordinary cock looks big on a body like mine. That the men seemed to think “you’re alright” worked. I can be very femme, and haven’t got a deep manly voice, and no muscles what so ever.. but they accepted me in a way, didn’t call me names like I’ve heard others do so many fucking times before, didn’t care about me, just took a look at me and “you’re alright, you’re a man with that cock”.

Hated my body for ages. Childhood, youth, young adult. I still do to some extent. I’m not all that young and beautiful but at least I am a talented writer, and a pretty good artist. It’s just that my image of me, what I see in the mirror is not what I want to see because of my ideas of beauty. Luckily people at the gym had the same ideas, that having a huge cock is part of being a real man.

I may not ever go to the gym any more (well I went once this year, but only to collect my new membership card) but I have a huge cock.