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I get scared from pics that look like me, but then I see it, that belly button is nothing like my own.

I have secretly: or semi secretly, posted pics on GuysWithiPhones, and have a cocky tumblr of just my cock. None of them is under my own name, or giving too many clues to who I am…

So sometimes I get scared: someone recognized me. Someone know that this character is really me. That that’s my cock. Mostly I want to be careless and free and not bothered by this questions at all. I want you to know it’s me. I want you to see.


ScenicBoy Kyle @ Steamboat Rock State Park

I have such a huge yearning for being free. I hate the fact that I have to go to work and earn my salary, that I have to bother every day with work just to be able to pay my bills and not my dreams. And even with some money left at the end of the month: I don’t have the time, or the energy to do my dreams, be creative, write, paint, make things. Work is time-consuming sometimes.

I want to go to a nude resort. Live. Free. Not work: I mean work work, I want to work on my literature and my art. I want to be able to live on that.