tom ford for men


Part of me finds this extremely sexy. Part of me finds this extremely sexist.

If you’ve seen the Tom Ford for women ads, you know this is even more sexist than the ones for female scents. 

But we live in a (western) world where the female is an object, so why shouldn’t the male also be an object. Why shouldn’t we be sexist over men when we can’t stop being sexist over women. I think we need to sexualize the man equally, and then perhaps someone will understand that it’s not okay really to sexualize anyone at all. It’s everyone or no-one.

I’m sexualizing my self in my collages, and here, perhaps, but that’s out of my own will. Being forced is different. Fuck all them beauty ideals. 



This is how I look in my uniform at work, daily. 

No wonder people look. The other day a female colleague that I walked up to just to chit chat for a while greeted me with “you’re pretty hung, aren’t you”, the male colleague standing next to her said “I believe it’s all socks down there” and I laughed so hard I died, then said “the bother of remembering to put socks in there everyday, it’s a hazzle”. LOL.