At the beach today, I was on the clothed part of it. But then I noticed a dude that stripped down and tanned a bit, drying in the sun.. so I decided to remove the speedo. There weren’t that many left at the beach – there wasn’t that many to start with – but I caught a smile off him. The man closest to me, was in between me and the dude, but he didn’t seem too bothered, so I stayed naked on my rock. 


The only place where I’m honest to God SHY is the urinals. 

Still I ALWAYS use them. 

I love flopping it out for others to see, but I have a hard time peeing actually. Not like I get hard or anything, it’s just hard to pee in front of people. Most men don’t really care I think. They just stare at my size. They don’t care if I don’t pee or not. 

But it’s a hell. I hate not being able to take a casual piss easy.