Spent a lot of time on my stomach today. 

I was at the beach with a straight friend I don’t know that well. Like one of the few that actually haven’t seen me naked. Before today. I mean, we’re all relaxed Swedes here, so we went to the naked beach of course. 

I was reading mostly. But then he wondered why I only tanned the back. I was like, uhm, kind of a boner going on here. He laughed and said he never had thought of me as a dude that was ever shy about anything. 

I don’t think of my self as a shy person, but I can be a bit reserved, and well, cautious perhaps, I’ve scared a straight guy or two in my day. I looked at him and said: so you are ok with my hard on? He said: Look, I’ve already seen a few here today, I even went semi earlier, just before I jumped into the ocean, so just hit me. 

So I rolled over.