Lately I’ve been opening my windows, sitting in a chair like this, tanning in the house. I’m just too lazy to even go outside on the yard. 

Out on the yard I’d have to wear speedos, to the least, so it’s better to just sit inside and tan. I need a holiday soon. Haven’t had time off in a year now.


Accidentally looked just like this when my man got back to the house and opened the door – so that our neighbor that also just got back home saw me like this. 

My poor neighbor and my poor mail man have seen me in most states. Embarrassing at times, not so embarrassing at other times. It’s all in their reactions.


My friends always told me that if all fails, if all goes to hell, down the drains, if I loose my job, people don’t buy my books, or my art for that matter, that when it is all gone to nothing: I can just resort to porn. 

Don’t you have to be hung like this to do porn?

I’m not asking because I think so, actually some magazines have, since tumblr-stardom, asked me to do a photo shoot with them.