Some man sure must believe that they have magical penises. You know, those jerks that tell muslim women shit like “if I fuck you you’ll turn christian”. Most likely that woman will not turn christian at all, but be repelled and appalled and scared for life. Honestly, a dude said that to a friend of mine the other day. 

Or those dudes that tell lesbian women “you’ll turn straight if I fuck you”. As if. Just get over it that some women aren’t into cock. If you can’t handle that then you are not a man. 

But. Those men believe that they have magical penises. Penises that can change the world for these women! Just from a fuck, a taste of their magic penis. Well, ladies, send them to me. I have a magic penis too! I’ll fuck them with my magic cock and they’ll turn gay. Then they won’t bother you no more. 


the naked author: I am.


I’m trying! 

Sometimes it’s hard being a man: usually it ends up in some macho shit that I don’t like, or some sexist shit that I can’t take either. 

Sometimes it’s easy. Allowing all kinds of masculinity and recognizing your inner femme as well, standing up to those more stupid men that go about saying sexist things about ladies or men or queers or t:s. 

Sometimes it’s hard. Seeing gorgeous pants and trying them on, only to find that you look ridiculous in them, when the salesperson asks “is that all you” smirking at your bulge. Or when you actually believe that a bigger size makes you more of a man.

Sometimes it’s easy. LIke when some guy tells you they want to fuck your cute little behind, and since your not in the mood you tell him that you have a bigger dick and therefor should be fucking his ass though you might destroy it because of your size. 

Being a man is a million things, and more. Don’t be a jerk about it. 

Sometimes I’m hard, horny, flaunting my cock online.

Sometimes I’m easy, naked and proud. 

Sometimes: I AM A MAN.


Stay bare. 

I started my first tumblr in September 2011. Before that I had just tried going bare on GuysWithiPhones.com. It was a no-face shot, as was the first tumblr too: cock and no face. When I shut the first tumblr down in January 2012 it had got roughly 17.000 views in December only and was on the Calboner XL Cock Ring. 

I was thrilled, and loved it, and scared, going to big, public, be known was enticing and scary at the same time. What if some one I knew recognized me? But I guess quitting was never an option. I created profiles on LPSG.org and on Dudesnude.com, joined the buttheads on ButtMagazine, and uploaded more pics on GuysWithiPhones.com.

To make it bigger I tried out sending naked photos to a handful of magazines, some never responded, some were thrilled and offered me to do spreads on paper. Since I don’t live in the US I never went through with actually doing any, but a close up cock shot was published in Handbook Men Magazine.

In June 2012 I started a new tumblr – instantly on the XL Cock Ring – and reposted and reblogged some of the old photos. At this moment roughly 80.000 views so far. Since January 2013 I have also turned more into being naked on this tumblr, under my own name, showing you both my artwork, my thoughts on things and my penis. 

The response has been overwhelming. I’m very grateful that you like both my mind, my rantings, my art, and my writings as well as my cock. Thank you!