Writing isn’t always easy. I have too many unfinished manuscripts seeking my attention. I have troubles focusing on the one new thing I’m writing about. I always feel like I should have done more, been able to write more, instead of showing off my penis online, instead of being silly on Twitter.

Maybe it’s the weather: it’s been grey rain from a grey sky, the grey ground and the grey mentality of people when it’s been like this for 7 weeks. Today it actually felt like spring, 50F/10C of grey outside. 


I hate winter. And it hasn’t even started yet. Here in Malmö the temperature has been hanging in it’s 50’s Fahrenheit or about 10 Celsius. And it’s grey. And it’s raining. The never ending forecast is grey skies with grey rain with a touch of grey dirt. But technically it’s still autumn because of the temperature being so high. Some years we don’t even get winters in Malmö, which I love, even if a few days of cold weather and snow could be nice if you’re under a thick blanket in front of a fire place or tv. 

But it’s a great time for winter chores. I’ve cleaned out my closet and given away bags filled with clothes I never used to charity, I’ve cleaned out the flat, properly, even the cracks in the wooden floor. 

Even parties during winter tend to be more exciting. I started this year with a bottle of Bollinger and a bunch of sexy men, hoping that that will set the standard for the rest of the year. But anyways please, let summer come soon.