I’m looking for a new job.

It’s a very depressing thing to do. It’s nothing at all like this, flipping your cock out and getting a promotion spontaneously. I mean, I must like know things, and I don’t because I never really took attention to learning.


It WILL be summer again. It just has to be. At the moment it’s spring, which is nice. Sadly Sweden is just too cold for nudity in winter/early spring/late fall, so summer can never arrive too early (or leave too late).

Actually it hardly was any winter this year, according to the meteorologists winter arrived here in Malmö in the end of January after a long and mild autumn, and then spring started in the beginning of February, and has also been long and tempered.

Still would be very nice to hang out naked with these men. I guess that’s me on the left side trying to hide a boner.


When I really want something and things aren’t exactly going my way, I do this. I’m very used to always getting what I want. Men are weak for well dressed well mannered, well hung men. 

The downside of this is that I don’t get all the things I need to get done, done. I feel like I should have been out with my next short story bundle already, new ebooks – new covers and extra material – new art work, and so on. The upside of it is that I have gotten my cock out a lot, and I have met a lot of hot men. 

I need to get to work, but I’m busy getting blown, so you could say I’m busy doing nothing at all, and if there were money in it I’d be rich.