I’ve had a serial of incidents at university already. I had quite forgotten how straight young men act in group. And.. let’s just say.. How they want to fuck your brains out when left alone with you. One of them is very grabby feely touchy, hands on in class. Another is really dropping his jaws whenever he realizes how big my cock is. Literary the first day he must have recognized me from online, almost fell backwards stumbling on things when realizing he recognized me from somewhere, and that amazing look in his eyes when realizing from where. I love it. It was very sweet.

But it’s also hard. Studying is hard. And when people start to google you and find your cock all over the interwebz, can be hard too.


Photography like this saved my life. True story. Some of us actually feel better when feeling loved for a simple thing like getting attention and love from you guys and gurls for our photos on tumblr and other communities.

I really love that others love to show cock, and love that others are wanting to see mine. The other day I got a message on Facebook from a dude that found me when he googled Big Swedish Cock. That blew my mind. Made me so happy. Just amazing. Love you all. Please read my story if you want. That makes me happy too. And please inbox me 😀


I’m back at the university, studying. I’m serious about it, but I’ve also had some time to think about my fellow class mates sizes. It’s a bit shallow I know, but size is a major turn on for me.

Unfortunately there are no men’s rooms at the university, all the restrooms are unisex, and that means no urinals and no where to see or show off the goods. But looking at bulges is fun too. And I’ve caught a few people staring at my crotch which is also nice ^^