Life is made of tiny moments. Most will pass us by, but some will make your world stop turning. As they say.

I decided to not do my baccalaureate this semester. Instead I’m studying more managing and more startup-related courses at London Business School. It’s very fun, but I regret taking American English at high school. So far it’s going great though, much thanks to previous knowledge in the field.

And I’m still working on two novels, and some new short stories. I will focus on them when I have the opportunity to, at nights, on days off. I have great ideas for the covers too.

My life seems to be made of tiny things, doing a bit of this for a while, a bit of that for a month or two, doing something new after that, and exploring new things all the time, selling a string-of-lights every now and then, selling books, writing books, making drawings, taking photos, and reading a lot.