It’s been over 36 months now since my mother’s funeral, a few weeks longer since she passed away, and almost as many months since I stood there and gently lowered her urn into the flower bed memorial where she rests. It’s been almost as long since one of my sisters started what became a family dividing fight. So for the last three years it’s been the lawyer this, the attorney that, the new counselor this, and another barrister that. It’s been driving us all insane, but I guess it’s just her way of saying she wasn’t pleased with the will.

So many times I’ve thought: the past has passed, let it go. But it’s been impossible. It wasn’t behind me, us, my family. It was still very much going on. And in the end it just became, why even bother trying? I stopped thinking about it.

After 36 months it must have come to an end, or the state steps in and solves it for you (that’s how it works here in Sweden, folks, inheritance disputes can’t go on forever). And a few days ago I was informed that she finally had accepted our mother’s final will. No objections, nothing. The past is in the past, I can let it go, finally.


Life. Apparently this year is about travel. I’ve been to India for weeks, travelled to Stockholm twice, to London (just to see the recording of an episode of QI) and spent some weeks on a Greek island. Life is beautiful. So is my Instagram by the way.

Summer. Enjoying G&Ts with the neighbors buck naked. There is so much life to a Scandinavian summer. The colors, even if the lawns already are brown from the heat. I’m in love with our garden.

I should start looking for a new job, but I keep all options open, and have applied to continue a Master in Economics. But if something falls from the sky, I’ll take it. And I should finish some short stories, and longer stories.


One hundred and twenty five, where did the time go?

Just as I love the new Adidas female model with hairy legs, I like my men femme. Stereotype role models are boring and shitty. So, please SUPPORT FEMME BOYS.

I’ve travelled a lot this summer (pics on insta), I feel very fortunate to have been able to. I’ve been writing some short stories that will be out over the coming months. I’ve done a lot of drawings, and folded a lot of origami. Special origami editions of a poetry bundle and a novel will also be out. A lot of work, and a lot of play. I’ve decided to do my last semester at business school at another business school, which so far feels great.


Life is made of tiny moments. Most will pass us by, but some will make your world stop turning. As they say.

I decided to not do my baccalaureate this semester. Instead I’m studying more managing and more startup-related courses at London Business School. It’s very fun, but I regret taking American English at high school. So far it’s going great though, much thanks to previous knowledge in the field.

And I’m still working on two novels, and some new short stories. I will focus on them when I have the opportunity to, at nights, on days off. I have great ideas for the covers too.

My life seems to be made of tiny things, doing a bit of this for a while, a bit of that for a month or two, doing something new after that, and exploring new things all the time, selling a string-of-lights every now and then, selling books, writing books, making drawings, taking photos, and reading a lot.


I’ve dedicated these last two weeks to writing. It’s gone really well actually. I’ve finished a rough draft, of a short novel. Or a long short story. Basically it’s just a few scenes, spread out over two days, about a married couple. So far it’s 12.857 words long.

It’s set in a time when the alpha male has more rights than his husband (as a reference to how women in many countries still live their lives). Where a single guy can’t adopt, but a married same sex couple can (as in many nations world wide). The scenes are mainly focusing on how the couple fall apart, where fortune and misfortune are closely linked together, and nothing can be saved. It’s very based on dialogue, and I think I should see the movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? to make the arguing more fierce.

Now I need a vacation. I need to be naked in the sun, reading a book. A cold beer in one hand, a book in the other, life doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.


There are some things that I don’t know how to talk about. So I write.

There are some things I can’t say. So I write them.

Things hurt, things feel awesome, life goes on, I write.

I write a lot. For my self. I do a lot of drawings too. Well, you know that.

There are some things that I just can’t write. So. I show my penis instead.


Bring it on 2017, I am ready.

And as the final days of 2016 are here, I’ve decided to make all my Kindle short stories free during December: if you have/get Amazone Prime, so get them on this link.

Took a week off from life, and travelled to the island of Madeira. So stunningly beautiful. It kind of rained a bit too much, so will definitely go back when I have the chance. It was good: I needed to clear my head a bit.

I have some big plans for 2017 by the way. Life is good again.


I’m near the end of a twelve-days-in-a-row with business university and work. I get up every morning before the sun rises, and get back home every evening after the sun has set. Imagine this: this is life?

The apartment I shared with bromance has been sold, we are still arguing about things to be shared or split and so on for ever and ever. He is such a jerk to be honest. I got my first F on a course, which only means I will have to take the test again at some point this semester, a true inconvenience as the mid-terms usually are hell as it is without extra tests.. I’ve been working too much, sleeping to little. Working too much, studying to little.

And. I can’t say I’m a fan of the President-elect. I’ve written a short story about it. And I’ve been writing on a short story about bromance. Too good not to. To honest, not to, too true not to tell it like it was.